Our vision is to deliver multi-modal transportation information services through a flexible platform to achieve regional mobility, safety and sustainability goals.


RIITS’ primary mission is to support the exchange of transportation information and resources between and within government organizations for regional operational mobility improvements.

What can RIITS do for you?

RIITS aggregates real-time data from transportation systems throughout the Los Angeles region and across jurisdictional boundaries to produce value-added data on multi-modal transportation system operations between agencies and third-party providers.

RIITS complements other regional systems by being a ‘system of systems’. The ability to integrate and disseminate transportation data from a variety of sources that includes transit, freeway operations, arterial operations, commercial vehicles, ports, airports and non-motorized transportation is part of RIITS. Through a flexible platform, RIITS can tailor information delivery to a particular customer or agency’s needs. For instance, RIITS is used to support transportation operations such as traveler information, transportation analysis, congestion pricing, freight mobility and emergency management. RIITS is uniquely position to:

  • Operate regional inter-agency information technology;
  • Bring together data from various transportation modes in a near real-time environment using modern technologies;
  • Function as the regional transportation data aggregator and clearinghouse;
  • Provide a strong institutional foundation for managing the configuration, management, and development of the system without placing undue limitations on the participation of current and potential future members; and
  • Provide the platform to support the investigation, analysis and development of technologies and solutions to improve transportation operations throughout the region.

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