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Members and Associates are government transportation or related organizations that want to contribute operational transportation resources to other government agencies through RIITS. Users have a license to use RIITS.


Members are government agencies that have transportation or related operations like public safety (i.e. police and fire departments). These members agree to exchange transportation information and resources through RIITS. Membership includes voting to include members, participation in improvements to member operations, and guidance on the direction of RIITS.


Associates are non-voting government agencies that provide transportation operations or provide related transportation operations. These agencies agree to share transportation and related information and resources through RIITS, but do not actively participate in RIITS as a voting member.


Users have access to RIITS through a license. These members may be private entities, government organizations, or universities that are not contributing operational resources through RIITS or may not want to participate as a Member or Associate.

Configuration Management Committee

The Configuration Management Committee was established to oversee and manage the development of RIITS. It is governed by a set of Bylaws. The voting members are the source data agencies. They act by consensus and approve requests to become members, associates, or users.